Constitution of Westminster Cycling Campaign

Adopted at an annual meeting on 13th May 2010

  1. This is the constitution and governing document for Westminster Cycling Campaign.


  1. A locally governed group of the London Cycling Campaign (LCC), a charitable company registered number 01766411, registered charity number 1115789.
  2. The name of the group shall be Westminster Cycling Campaign (WCC) (or such other name as the group may decide at an Annual Meeting and has been so notified to the LCC).
  3. Westminster Cycling Campaign is a locally governed group of the LCC that may manage campaigns, finances and other matters as allowed in the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the LCC.
  4. Westminster Cycling Campaign undertakes its activities primarily in the City of Westminster in support of the overall aims of the LCC.


  1. All changes to this constitution can only take place at an Annual Meeting and if three weeks' notice of the change is given.
  2. Changes to this constitution must be undertaken by secret ballot and require the votes of three quarters of those members attending the meeting.


  1. Westminster Cycling Campaign's primary aims, which form a summary of the LCC's aims contained in its Memorandum and Articles of Association, are to:
    1. encourage people to cycle
    2. improve conditions for cycling
    3. raise the profile of cycling
  1. Westminster Cycling Campaign's secondary aims are to:
    1. increase the membership of LCC and Westminster Cycling Campaign and encourage members' participation in the activities of LCC/Westminster Cycling Campaign.
    2. promote LCC and Westminster Cycling Campaign within and beyond the cycling community to increase their reach and influence.


  1. Westminster Cycling Campaign may hold funds in designated accounts for the above aims, which are to be spent in accordance with the financial regulations agreed by the Westminster Cycling Campaign Management Committee.
  2. No expenditure greater than 50 may be incurred without prior agreement of the Chair of Westminster Cycling Campaign or a nominated deputy.
  3. No member will receive any salary, emoluments or stipends. However, members may receive reimbursement of sanctioned expenses.
  4. Westminster Cycling Campaign may employ servants and officials to assist in the running of group activities with the agreement of the Westminster Cycling Campaign Annual Meeting and the written consent of the LCC.


  1. Membership of Westminster Cycling Campaign is open to any person in good standing of, and of good repute in, the LCC who lives, works, studies or cycles in the City of Westminster.


  1. An Annual Meeting (AM) will be held between April and June every year and shall be the governing body of Westminster Cycling Campaign.
  2. Day-to-day management of Westminster Cycling Campaign shall be by a Management Committee (MC), comprising not more than ten members.
  3. All persons on the MC must be members of the LCC.
  4. The MC will meet and conduct business as necessary or as directed by the Annual Meeting.
  5. Election to the MC for a period of one year shall take place at the Annual Meeting by secret ballot by WCC members attending the Annual Meeting.
  6. Candidates for membership of the WCC Management Committee and/or one of the specified roles within it may be nominated by any member and must be seconded by at least one other WCC member.
  7. Nominations must reach the Secretary at least one week before the AM to qualify for the ballot/election.
  8. The MC shall comprise at least three people, in the following roles:
    1. Borough Co-ordinator or Chair: executive officer of Westminster Cycling Campaign.
    2. Treasurer: responsible for the finances of Westminster Cycling Campaign. The Treasurer will keep accounts to recognised standards and under regulations set by the LCC. The Treasurer will prepare and present the accounts for the preceding financial year to the Annual Meeting for approval.
    3. Secretary: keeps a record of decisions reached at any official meeting as directed by the Westminster Cycling Campaign Management Committee or Annual Meeting and shall be responsible for convening all meetings.


  1. Westminster Cycling Campaign will hold at least three ordinary meetings a year. Four members will form a quorum.
  2. All meetings will be held with not less than two weeks' notice that will be presumed given by notification in the magazine of the LCC and/or any other media considered appropriate. Meetings will be held in the evening on a weekday.


  1. The LCC may dissolve Westminster Cycling Campaign if no Annual Meeting has been held for twenty-four months or for other good and just cause. On dissolution, any assets will be absorbed into the funds of the LCC.