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Route Comments

Victoria Line

Vauxhall Bridge - Vincent Square - Buckingham Palace - Green Park - Berkeley Square - Great Marlborough Street - Cleveland Street - Camden

We strongly support a route up the east side of Green Park. This avoids both the traffic of St James's Street and a circuitous route via Duke Street, St James's. We are pleased that the Royal Parks are now warming to the idea of this route. We recognise that the exact crossing point of Piccadilly and route to Berkeley Square will depend on which path is chosen through the park.

Jubilee Line

Westminster Bridge - Horse Guards - St James's - New Bond Street - Wimpole Street - Devonshire Street - Park Square - Swiss Cottage.

Jubilee Line alternative

Westminster Bridge - Horse Guards - St James's - Hanover Square - Cavendish Square - Harley Street - Regent's Park - Ordnance Hill - Swiss Cottage

Horse Guards Road is already a popular route with cyclists, though the junctions at each end present some difficulties.

We are pleased to note that the route allows the right turn from Marlborough Road into Pall Mall. However, the route between Pall Mall and New Bond Street is far too circuitous and involves too many turns - and it follows a different course northbound and southbound. So it fails to meet the criteria of being direct, legible and coherent. If the Victoria Line route cannot be implemented up the side of Green Park, we do not consider the route through St James's Square / Duke Street to be an acceptable alternative.

We are pleased to note that the proposals include two-way cycling in New Bond Street between Clifford Street and Conduit Street. This is far more convenient than the present northbound route via Clifford Street and Savile Row.

In its present state, there is no way that New Bond Street could be seen as a Quietway. Our favoured solution would be to drastically reduce traffic and allow two-way cycling. This would improve the environment for everyone, including cyclists. However, we believe that the alternative route via Hanover Square and Cavendish Square also has considerable potential as a cycle route.

Circle Line (south)

Lower Sloane Street - Ebury Street - Buckingham Palace Road - Petty France - Storey's Gate

Ebury Street is already a cycle-friendly street, but it dumps cyclists into the Victoria gyratory system. We therefore strongly support extending this route through Beeston Place towards Buckingham Palace Road. A link to and from Victoria Station would be useful, for example via Lower Belgrave Street.

Circle Line (north)

Notting Hill Gate - Porchester Gardens - Craven Hill - Paddington - Sussex Gardens - Norfolk Crescent - Crawford Street - Devonshire Street - Camden

Circle Line (north) alternative

Notting Hill Gate - Porchester Gardens - Craven Hill - Paddington - Star Street - Old Marylebone Road - Crawford Street - Devonshire Street - Camden

We believe that Sussex Gardens has considerable potential as a cycle route, though there are some difficulties at and near the junctions at either end. However, we also believe it is important that this route should connect to Paddington Station.

Neither of the routes between Sussex Gardens and Crawford Street is ideal. The one via Norfolk Crescent is rather indirect, while the one via Old Marylebone Road involves a right turn off a busy road.

Central Line

Park Lane - Grosvenor Square - Brook Street - Great Marlborough Street - Camden

We are pleased to note the proposal to make this route two-way east of Grosvenor Square. However, the route through Grosvenor Square and west of the Square falls far short of the standard expected of a Quietway because of problems caused by the volume and speed of traffic, parked cars and conflict with left-turning vehicles. And the westbound route is different from the eastbound route and less direct.

In order to gain the maximum benefit, this route needs to be extended westwards towards Notting Hill Gate.

Quietway 7

Talbot Road - Gloucester Terrace - Westbourne Terrace and Talbot Road - Hereford Road - Porchester Gardens - Craven Hill - Sussex Gardens - Norfolk Crescent - George Street - Manchester Square - Queen Anne Street - Duchess Street - Langham Street - Howland Street

Quietway 7 alternative

As Q7 to Norfolk Square - Connaught Street - Upper Berkeley Street - Manchester Square - Welbeck Street - New Cavendish Street - Howland Street

Cyclists generally prefer Upper Berkeley Street to George Street because it is quieter, passes through more attractive streets and avoids the gyratory system at the south end of Marylebone High Street. However, it can currently be followed only in an eastbound direction. We therefore welcome the proposal to make this two-way.

Whichever east-west route is selected, there a large number of signal-controlled junctions. The phasing of these signals is usually programmed so as to optimise the flow of motor vehicles. As a result, cyclists will usually encounter more red signals than motorists. We would like this problem to be solved, either by reprogramming the signals to take account of cyclists' speed or by removing signals at suitable junctions.

In its present state, New Cavendish Street falls far short of the standard expected of a Quietway, because of problems caused by the volume of traffic, parked cars and conflict with left-turning vehicles at certain junctions. And it is one-way. However, we are not keen on the alternative route via Duchess Street, which is far from being direct, legible and coherent. So our favoured solution is to transform New Cavendish Street, as Westminster once did with Ebury Street.

If New Cavendish Street is the chosen route, there may be a case for a direct connection to Hinde Street via Thayer Street.

Grand Union

Grand Union Canal - Delamere Terrace - Blomfield Road - Frampton Street - Regent's Canal

Grand Union Alternative

Ilbert Street - Shirland Road - Sutherland Avenue - Circus Road - St John's Wood Terrace - St Edmund's Terrace

We are pleased to see that Delamere Terrace and Blomfield Road feature in the Grand Union route. For many years we have been campaigning for two-way cycling in these streets.

We recognise that the canal towing paths will not be able to cope with an infinite increase in cycling and are unlit at night, so that every canal needs an high-quality alternative on-road route. Canals should be connected to the grid but not part of it.

There appears to be a need for a link between the canal and the alternative route along Shirland Road, so that cyclists can reach Little Venice from the alternative route.

We have noted that Westminster's map shows the Grand Union and Grand Union Alternative routes converging near the end of Townshend Road, whereas TfL's map shows the Alternative route continuing to Avenue Road. TfL's version seems to be the more practicable. It would be useful to have suitable access to the canal at Macclesfield Bridge, so as to link with the alternative route.

Quietway 16

Marble Arch - Connaught Square - Norfolk Crescent - Old Marylebone Road - Cosway Street - Penfold Street - Hamilton Terrace - Camden

We welcome the introduction of a further crossing point of the Marylebone Road at Cosway Street, which can currently be used only northbound.

The entire route between Hyde Park and Penfold Street seems a bit indirect and we suggest that this should be reconsidered, taking into account the chosen route for the Circle Line (north).

Quietway 19

Lowndes Street - Albert Gate - Hyde Park - Curzon Street - Berkeley Square - Bruton Lane - Old Bond Street - Burlington Gardens - Brewer Street - Old Compton Street - Cambridge Circus - Shaftesbury Avenue or Shelton Street

We strongly support a new crossing of Park Lane towards the south end. A number of cyclists currently turn right at Stanhope Gate from the outside lane of Park Lane - not an easy manoeuvre!

We would prefer a more direct route through Stanhope Gate, rather than a more circuitous one via Tilney Street.

We assume that NE-bound cyclists will be able to ride across the bottom of Berkeley Square. This would be a useful facility. Berkeley Square would benefit from traffic reduction and / or further protection for cyclists, especially up the SW side.

The route along Burlington Gardens - Brewer Street - Old Compton Street can currently be followed only westbound. It is disappointing to see that there is no proposal to change this arrangement.

For a long time there has been a requirement for a link through Cambridge Circus between Moor Street and West Street. We are pleased to see that this forms part of the proposal.

Given the availability of an eastbound cycle lane in Long Acre, what is the reason for the less legible route through Arne Street and Dryden Street?

Quietway 68

Waterloo Bridge - Wellington Street - Bow Street - Endell Street

This route can currently be cycled, though the junction with the Strand has a number of problems. The northbound approach from Lancaster Place falls far short of the criteria for a Quietway, while the southbound capacity from Wellington Street is very limited. And a number of movements are prohibited at this junction.

Quietway 88 (previously known as Bakerloo Line)

Vauxhall Bridge - Regency Street (or John Islip Street - Marsham Street) - Link from Lambeth Bridge - Great Smith Street - Horse Guards - Trafalgar Square - Whitcomb Street - Wardour Street - Cleveland Street - Regent's Park

We strongly support the creation of a new north-south cycle route through the West End, which can currently be a difficult area for cycling. Through routes such as Regent's Street have heavy traffic while alternative routes are difficult to find through side streets because of one-way restrictions.

It is important that there should be a safe right turn somewhere from Cycle Superhighway 5 at Bessborough Gardens / Vauxhall Bridge Road. The alternative route via John Islip Street appears to be more direct and easier to follow. However, the route through Regency Street connects better with Pimlico through Rampayne Street (if made two-way for cyclists).

The convoluted route just west of Trafalgar Square has attracted criticism from cyclists. A more direct route would go up the west side of the Square.

Although less dreadful than before the World Squares scheme, Trafalgar Square remains an intimidating place for less experienced cyclists and a number of cyclists have been injured there. So we would welcome a direct and protected route through or past the Square.

Jermyn Street

Jermyn Street - Panton Street - Orange Street - Tavistock Street - Drury Lane

We also strongly support the creation of a new east-west route through the West End. Although parts of this route can be cycled at present, it cannot be ridden end to end because of one-way streets. We have been campaigning for many years to get these restrictions lifted.

CSH 11

Montagu Street - Montagu Square - Balcombe Street - Ivor Place - Clarence Gate - Outer Circle - Avenue Road - Swiss Cottage

We are pleased to see that this route is back on the agenda after disappearing from view and that it has a couple of very useful facilities - a way in and out of Regent's Park at Clarence Gate and a new crossing of Marylebone Road at Balcombe Street / Upper Montagu Street. As well as allowing access to Marylebone Station, this route is likely to have less motor traffic than most other alternatives.

The Outer Circle of Regent's Park is probably a better choice for this route than Park Road, which has been considered in the past. It will become an even better choice if the Crown Estate Paving Commission goes ahead with restricting motor traffic around the Outer Circle.

The route through Montagu Square is a good choice: as well as being easy to follow, it passes through some quiet and attractive streets. But it would benefit from having priority at some junctions.

We are rather concerned that this route ends abruptly at Upper Berkeley Street. How are cyclists supposed to continue their journey further south?


Vauxhall Bridge - Belgrave Road - Eccleston Street - Belgrave Square

We would like to see this made a two-way cycle route and it conveniently allows access to the rear of Victoria Station - though only from the south-east. There remains a requirement to reach the station directly from other directions.

Belgrave Square is currently dominated by moving and parked vehicles and needs a rearrangement to benefit everyone, including cyclists.

There needs to be a more direct link northwards from Belgrave Square into Hyde Park.

Wiggins Way

Carlton Vale - Carlton Hill - Boundary Road - St John's Wood Park

We are pleased to see that this initiative from our neighbouring boroughs has found its way into the grid. It is also, of course, a way of marking the achievements of Britain's most famous cyclist.

E-W Cycle Superhighway

Westway - Link from Westbourne Terrace Road - Westbourne Terrace - Victoria Gate - Hyde Park Corner - Buckingham Palace - Parliament Square - Victoria Embankment - City

Cycling east-west through Central London is currently more difficult than north-south, and there are fewer options. We therefore need a high-quality, high-capacity route like this one.

The link from Westbourne Terrace Road is particularly useful for allowing cyclists from the north of the railway, canal and A40 to reach the south over Westbourne Bridge.

We trust that this Superhighway will take a more direct route through the Lancaster Gate gyratory than the one indicated on the map and that cyclists will easily be able to join and leave the route to and from the Notting Hill Gate direction and to and from Paddington Station - including from the direction of the West Carriage Drive of Hyde Park.

Since the route passes through the Lancaster Gate area, the Buckingham Palace traffic systems and Parliament Square, currently formidable obstacles to cycling, it is a good opportunity to rearrange these traffic systems and/or provide more protection for cyclists.

The approach to Hyde Park Corner from Constitution Hill also needs rearrangement to cope with growing volumes of cyclists.

Although Serpentine Road is the most direct route through Hyde Park, we recognise that it is sometimes closed for events and that West Carriage Drive and South Carriage Drive are probably the most viable alternatives for large volumes of cyclists. It is also an opportunity to improve cycling conditions along these roads, which are useful also for cyclists making other north-south and east-west journeys. For example, these roads could be closed to through motor traffic.

No Name

Marble Arch - Bryanston Square - Enford Street - Harewood Avenue - Regent's Canal

We were slightly surprised to find this route but welcome the creation of a further direct route between Hyde Park and the Regent's Canal.

At present cycling is prohibited past St Mary's Church in Wyndham Place, which means that cyclists following this route have to deviate from a direct line. We therefore suggest that the need for this prohibition should be re-examined.